Event Reference

on_message Events


Messages starting with the command prefix (~) short circuit to the command handler and are not parsed

Subreddit Detection & Embed

When a message is sent containing one or more subreddits (e.g. “/r/Python is the best subreddit!”), Wumbot will generate and respond with a discord.Embed object that links to the subreddit(s).


Subreddits are tested for validity. If a subreddit is invalid it will be ignored by the embed generator.

v.Reddit DashPlaylist.mpd Detection

Detect if Reddit’s image/video hosting has added DashPlaylist.mpd to the end of the URL, which links to a direct download (of nothing) rather than the web content.

Wumbot will strip DashPlaylist.mpd and respond with the corrected link:

[13:37] ELA:
[13:37] Wumbot: Here ELA, let me fix that link for you: