Basic Bot Commands

Command Reference

Commands are prefixed with ~


Replies with the current version number provided by the most recent tag on the master branch.

For example:

[13:37] ELA: ~ver
[13:37] Wumbot: Current Version: v0.7.1


This command utilizes GitPython’s git.describe(), which will throw an exception if there are no tags present. This exception is handled:

[13:37] ELA: ~ver
[13:37] Wumbot: No tags found on current branch

To fix this error, ensure that the tags are being pulled or fetched on deployment.


Replies with Wumbot’s current uptime.

[13:37] ELA: ~uptime
[13:37] Wumbot: Wumbot has been up for: 1d 2h 13m 37s

Disconnects Wumbot from the server.

[13:37] ELA: ~kill
[13:37] Wumbot: Shutting down... :wave:


This command is only enabled for the server owner via DM.

[13:37] notELA: ~kill
[13:37] Wumbot: You are not authorized to perform this operation
~reactmessage messageID message

Applies a reaction message to a message, as specified by the message’s integer ID.

[13:37] ELA: ~reactmessage 492366085232787467 Hype

reactionmessage is constrained as follows:

  • Command may only be invoked by the ‘Wumbologists’ role
  • Message must be alphabetic (includes space)
  • Message must not contain repeat characters


If the reaction message is successful, the invoking command is automatically deleted after 10 seconds.

Any feedback on incorrectly formed input or permission restriction is also automatically deleted after 10 seconds.