Monster Hunter World

Parser Reference

class mhw.MHWNewsParser

Official Capcom Monster Hunter World announcements monitor


Discord bot instance


Discord channel ID for patch notes embed


Path to JSON storage file


List containing posted news posts

Patches are stored as Steam news permalinks, as yarl.URL (e.g. [URL('')])


Steam app ID


Official account name

classmethod coroutine patchcheck()

Executes the patch check operations:

  1. Parse Steam News posts for posts made by the account specified by MHWNewsParser.officialaccount
  2. Build Models.Steam.SteamNewsPost objects
  3. Check news URLs against those previously posted
  4. If new news post(s): Build embed, post to channel, and save the Steam news permalink to the local JSON log
coroutine patchchecktimer(client: WumbotClient, sleepseconds: int=3600)

Asynchronous patch checking loop for use with’s event loop

mhw.MHWNewsParser is called every sleepseconds

Command Reference

Commands are prefixed with ~


Manually invoke the mhw.MHWNewsParser.patchcheck() coroutine


This command is only enabled for the server owner via DM.